Saturday, January 24

Elastic Heart

Maybe you know this music video, Elastic Heart from Sia. Since the girl is only 12 years old there is a discussion whether the way they dance is erotic or not. I think it's not. I think it's not even human, it's animalistic. It's like an extreme obsession. The atmosphere is changing all the time, Shia's aggressive and desperate but also satisfied at some points and the girl's seductive and unpredictable. So in my opinion some kind of addiction is what the video is about. Maybe drugs. Or maybe a really ambivalent relationship. I love it in any case. I only watched it because I'm quite fond of Shia LaBeouf at the moment (he's a man all of a sudden?? ... he looked like a kid just the other day) but now I can't get the song and the video out of my head.

Friday, January 23

Rain in Jerusalem part 24380341

I'll quit drawing rainy AC1 pictures when hell freezes over. Also, inspired by Camille's fanfictions, I had to draw Piers hiding his blushing face behind his scarf.


Sunday, January 11


I've been writing a book for many years but now I accept the fact that it will never be published. Actually, all I ever wanted is that people read it, not to make money or something. I'm still thinking of a way to reach people and make them curious if I upload it on the internet (it's German only). Might take me a little bit longer. Gonna draw some pictures and upload them here in the meantime.

The book's about a substance called "Redivum" that brings people back to life. No matter how long they have been dead, their body is being restored. The only criteria is that they haven't accepted their death yet. The problem is that the souls of the dead grieve and long for being revived. They envy the living and all these negative feelings gradually replace their personality and everything that defined them until only their hate and bitterness is left. The living call these degenerated souls demons. When someone is being brought back to life (you call this person a "Wiedergänger"), the possibility that a demon escapes the afterworld as well is very high. They attack people and desperately try to possess their bodies to be able to stay in this world. This process doesn't work out, though. Neither the demon nor the person survives.
For so many innocent people are being killed, it is strongly prohibited to revive someone. The "Totenwache" (death watch) is a governmantal institution which ensures that no revivals are being attempted. They are allowed to arrest people who try it anyway and, of course, Wiedergängers. The latter are being executed because their right to live is forfeited.
My story's focus is on the social and psychological consequences of being revived or having lost someone precious knowing that it's possible to bring them back at the cost of killing someone else and facing legal effects, though.

I wanted to redraw Errol Bextor (left, with the black hair) and Viktor Bolt (right). Last time I did was in 2010. (Look at that, oh my god, haha. But my colouring was better than it is today.) They are working at the executive fraction of the Totenwache, which means they can go out there, hunt Wiedergängers, investigate possible revivals, interrogate people, etc. Both of them are pretty bad guys but I always focus on the "good" people (nothing in this story is either black or white, it's all grey) so I thought a character meme would bring more light into their private life (click "Read more" if you're interested). The coloured picture shows Tom and Lu, they are twins and one of them is a Wiedergänger. It's a scene from the very first chapter of my book.

Character Meme
↓ ↓ ↓

Thursday, January 8

Thranduil the pie maker

Saw this text post on Tumblr and just had to draw it.

Wednesday, January 7

Alle Jahre wieder

For some reason I always get caught by Fallout in January. I mean, I'm always hyping Fallout but in January it gets pretty intense ... for no reason at all. I felt like drawing the dwarves in Fallout-ish outfits. Fili and Kili got a NCR/Ranger look, Dwalin is Raider-ish and Thorin is wearing an Enclave armor. It looks like Iron Man without the helmet?? I totally lost my motivation to complete it. A Fallout AU would be pretty cool, though. Like ... Thorin's company lost their hideout to a supermutant behemoth and Bilbo's the kid from Vault 101 that helps them to retrieve it.

Saturday, December 27

Miscellaneous Fili/Kili

I spend far too much time drawing dwarves, ugh. Also, I'm too lazy to turn everything into bigger stuff, so ... here, have some mixed Fili & Kili sketches. (The last one is a "Fili is in love with Kili, who has no clue and keeps flirting with other dwarves"-scenario.)

Friday, December 26

Worst case

I think it's "good" that Fili and Kili die. If only one died, the other one would be so incredibly broken. Although, I think if Fili had died, it would have been easier for Kili to cope because of Tauriel.
You know, I like Tauriel und I love the positivity of the Kiliel-romance but I think it's a pity that her sadness and despair over Kili's death got so much room. She seems like an impulsive, child-like, romantic character. She was able to develop such intense feelings towards Kili in such a short period of time. Because of that you might think that she could fall in love again quite easily. But the dwarves lost so much. Brothers, nephews and their king and friend they loved for many decades. Tauriel's loss appears less significant compared to that.
Anyway. I think BotFA is a fantastic movie. I'm just sad about the lack of displayed mourning within the group of the dwarves.