Saturday, April 12

Underwater kiss and Outsider shrine

Hello. Drawing sucks. :(
The issues in my real life are making me really ... self-critical and that's why it costs me quite an effort to upload these pictures. It's Rei and Nagisa in the first one and the Outsider in the second. I love Dishonored so much. In my opinion it's one of the best PS3 games ever and the Outsider is the most fascinating character in the whole story.

Friday, April 4

Free! and Luzzu/Gatta

So I'm playing the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster at the moment and I had Luzzu/Gatta feels all of a sudden. It's so weird. They're side characters and I guess no one ever did a fanart of them because no one cares but ... uggghh. Their story is so sad. And I'm frustrated that there isn't a way to let both of them survive. Their reaction on the death of each other kills me. I let both live on my fanart. u_u

I only watched like ... two Animes within the last ten years and Free! is one of them. I really love it. The other Anime was Shiki and I loved it too but the hype was already over when I watched it. :( Anyway, prepare for some more Free!-pictures in the future.

Sunday, March 9

Favourite TV shows

The three greatest tv shows ever in my opinion. *-* And this is becoming a thing. I plan on drawing these minimalist pictures for my favourite movies and games as well.

Thursday, March 6

Beth's new outfit

I never really felt like doing The Walking Dead fanart but 4x12 was so perfect. *_*

Sunday, March 2

Journey minimalist

I did more minimalist pictures because it's so easy and it's very impressive what you can achieve with just a few colours. This time it's Journey and a random guy that totally looks like Riz Ahmed. I'm just gonna pretend this happened accidentally. /D"


Saturday, March 1

Monday, February 24


Malik is just trying to do some push-ups to stay fit and stuff and Altair stares at his butt. u_u
(Quality fanart ideas all over the place ... not.)

Thursday, February 20

The one and only

This is probably the gayest thing I've ever drawn and man, I've drawn so much yaoi in my life. But I thought: What if it was Chris and not Jill who got a brainwash and a freakin' tight suit from Wesker? 8D" I used Jill's suit because I wanted to know how it looked on Chris and there you got it ... it looks gay and that's it. :'D

Edit: More about the suit!
My friend Melike wrote a little fanfiction about the idea that Chris was actually wearing the suit. Please read it, it's awesome and only 350 words long. :D The picture already shows what the fic's about.

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