Friday, September 26

Fighting style

Felt like I had to draw something dynamic. Everything I did in the past weeks looks so stiff. And I wanted to use my new self-made textures. *-*

Sunday, September 21


I think there's no problem in saying that Eichhorst looks hot in his SS-Uniform. I just appreciate his appearance, nevertheless, he's an asshole. Buuuut I feel guilty for kinda sorta shipping him with young Abraham. It's immoral. "orz
The Strain is such a trashy show. I love it, though. I started watching it because of Kevin Durand and now I like everyone ... except Eph.

Thursday, September 18


The new trailer tells me that FFXV is the story of Noctis being babysitted by his hot friends.
I love it.

Monday, September 15

Burning kiss

Weird pic, I know. But I always wanted to draw a vampire AU thingy with Harry because he wants Spider-Man's blood so badly. 8D (And Dane DeHaan has such cute and pointy ears like these old-school-vampires).

Sunday, September 14


I guess shower-pictures are supposed to be sexy. On my pic they are just arguing. /D" I hope you don't mind that all of my stuff is so simple and sketchy all of a sudden. I'm in a ... crisis of faith or something and it's affecting my motivation.

Tuesday, September 9


Aaaahh, I've got no motivation to draw at the moment. So it's sketchy again. But I'm having a serious Nivanfield situation, I HAD to do something.
I love glasses and just the thought that Piers could be wearing glasses makes me shriek like an idiot. It's ridiculous. If there's a character with glasses in a show/game there's a 99% chance that I'm gonna love them.

Thursday, September 4

Sketchy Altmal

I still care about this ship and always will.

Monday, August 25

More Götterkäfig

I have so many fandom feels right now (Maaassss Effeeeect) but I just felt like drawing original stuff in the past days. I tried to draw without lines (or with less lines) again like I always did a few years ago ...  Back then I thought that I could have a realistic style one day but that's never gonna happen. *-*" Anyway. So I did these random people. I tried to add at least one feature I find attractive for every person (like freckles, scars, tattoos, red hair, glasses etc).
Yeah. And then I did some gods from the Götterkäfig universe I mentioned before. Someone asked me how people become gods (thanks for your interest ♥). People are not able to become gods, though. They just die and can stay in the Götterkäfig if they want (they can also choose ultimate death if they don't want that. Their conciousness and their soul vanish forever then). Only gods are being born as gods. Contrary to humans they can still produce new life in the Götterkäfig. But apart from that they are like us, actually, just more powerful. A god is like the mayor of a district. They can create and design them as they wish (considering the district level) and only gods can give this ultimate kind of death to a person. If they misuse their power they lose it and have to live in the district they used to manage as a punishment, though.

Below you can read where the Götterkäfig comes from and why the gods in the picture don't look entirely human if you're interested.
↓ ↓ ↓

Wednesday, August 13

Arabian outfits

I just had to draw these outfits from the S1 ending for Nitori and Mikoshiba. ♥

Sunday, August 10


I'm happy that Rin is nice to Nitori in S2, I already shipped them in S1 but Rin was such a dick back then. (I kinda messed this pic up. :( The sketch was so nice and now I don't really like it anymore. But I'm sure I'm gonna draw them again. Maybe even Yaoi.)