Monday, July 28

Holding Hands and anti-summer-picture

Isn't holding hands a weird thing? I mean, you hold like one million things a day and it doesn't matter but when you get to hold the hand of your crush or a person you absolutely dislike it's so intense. But it's just hands?? It's also weird that it seems to get more awkward the "manlier" the ship is. Like ... wow ... holding hands. That's so gay. That's even gayer than gay sex. (No, but it's associated with emotions or thoughts that are softer somehow. I guess that's why it's so awkward when you got very masculine characters.)

And another picture with OCs. (You gotta live with the fact that I'll upload more OCs in the future, I'm sorry.) They are not from the Götterkäfig this time. It's Tom, Sander and Lani (from left to right) they belong to a story I've been writing for more than 5 years. Actually it's a book I wrote (in German) but I wasn't able to find a publisher and now I gave up looking. No idea what's gonna happen with it now. :(

Sunday, July 27

Morpheus and OCs

Matrix is one of my favourite movies in the world. The first one, though. I didn't like Reloaded and Revolutions. Anyway, there was one scene in Matrix Reloaded that was really cool and that's the Freeway chase, especially Morpheus fighting one of the agents with his sword on the truck. (Oh how I wish that Laurence Fishburne was still as hot as in the first Matrix movie. I think he had more sex appeal than Neo back then, ok. But time waits for no one.)

I think only one person beside my friends ever asked me if I had OCs, so yeeaah, I bet your interest is overwhelming. But I don't mind because I felt like drawing some of my babies today and so I did. My friend Daria and I have this project called "Götterkäfig" (= god cage) but we never draw or write anything, we are so lazy. So actually it's just a world we created some years ago and we talk about it from time to time.
Basically it's heaven and hell all in one. It's where you come after dying and depending on how good or bad you lived your life it's nice or ... not so nice. It's split into districts and each of them has its own god. But it's very similar to our world with towns and jobs (if you want) and entertainment (gods are the new celebrities, they don't always act as responsible and well-behaved as they should so there's a lot to talk about) and crime and stuff. And ... yeah. We got stories about different characters that just try to live their afterlife. These are some of mine. If you wanna know more you can read about them below.

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Sunday, July 20


Sorry, this isn't spectacular, but I didn't manage to do something bigger.
You know sooomehow I'm really fond of Rude/Tifa. But I can't ship it because I can't just turn my back on Rude/Reno. But the fact that Rude falls in love with women repeatedly although he's a Turk and so cool and brutal and stuff is just ... adorable.

Tuesday, July 15


You know, Cloud and the gang were dressed as sailors and infantrymen when they crossed the ocean. Tifa. In an infantry-outfit. And no one on board noticed?? I mean ... hrrrr. 8D

Sunday, July 13


I saw a HD screenshot of Reno yesterday and for the first time I noticed that he's got freckles? I was like "Omgggg! ♥ I gotta draw something about freckles" within 2 seconds. I bet Reno's not actually happy about them because he's always so keen to act cool ... and freckles aren't cool. Just incredibly cute.

Friday, July 11

This Anime is killing me.

I'm really freaking out since I watched the latest episode of Free! I'm so scared that Rei's gonna leave the team. He caaaaan't. He's one of my favourites and Rei/Nagisa is my #1 ship in this Anime, so ... noooo.

Tuesday, July 8

Butt Fantasy VII

Advent Children has some wonderful booties. I was a little bit drunk when I started this, ok. /D (And absolutely clear when I continued but psssst.) Plus some more Rude/Reno. I can't get enough of them. <3


Friday, July 4


I reeeally enjoy the ending of Free! S2. The first episode was great, it's so good to see Rin being ... nice and stuff. I didn't like him at all in S1 but now he seems alright.

Thursday, July 3


There was something about Rude and Reno doing some sweaty sparring in "On the way to a smile" and I was just like: Yooo, I'm in.