Tuesday, October 21

TWD 5x02 sketches

I really liked this episode. Tyreese is my new baby and I got Tara feels and Father Gabriel is hot, oh no. "orz


The moment I saw him, I knew that he's gonna be my favourite and I can't really tell why. Must be the glasses and the pimp outfit and his weird dancing fighting style.

Friday, October 17

"For me?"

In FFIX there's so much love in every single thing. I'm pretty sure that there'll never be a game with so many details and such magical places again. If you visit a house, every object is unique, there's so much to explore. It's been like this in VII+VIII+IX and I guess it won't come back. And it makes me said.

Sunday, October 12

FF babes

I prefer men, usually, but in the Final Fantasy series I find women much hotter than men. And Tifa is my queen. I always say Cloud must be gay, asexual or stupid for not loving her back. ;_;
Anyway, I wanted to draw more characters in a somehow sexy way. A friend requested Rikku but she didn't really turn out hot, meh.


By the way, I uploaded some old FFVII pictures if you're interested. I made them before I started this blog so maybe you don't know them yet.

Friday, October 10


I think nothing would be different. Except ... boobies!

It's a pity that female Turks don't wear skirts. I love skirts. I got more skirts than pants.

Thursday, October 9

Oekaki & The Strain

Haven't done oekaki in years but I wanted to draw and had no specific idea so I just started and ... yeah. The one with Rude, though: Maybe you know the scene in Before Crisis where he's being told that Chelsea won't come and that they can't be together. Maaan, I feel so sorry for him. I mean, Rude/Reno is my OTP #1 so it would have been kind of a problem if Chelsea and Rude were together. :'D But Rude's also my baby #1 and I just want him to be happy. I actually hate Reno's reaction when he shows up because Rude is heartbroken and Reno's making fun of him for being sentimental. :( Sure, that's just Reno's way to resolve this situation but ... muuuh.


Also: The Strain. I guess Dutch and Vasiliy are my favourites. And I'm so happy that everyone survived the season finale. *_* You should really watch this show. It starts a bit lame but then it turns out reaaally awesome. So many cool characters.

Friday, September 26

Fighting style

Felt like I had to draw something dynamic. Everything I did in the past weeks looks so stiff. And I wanted to use my new self-made textures. *-*