Sunday, July 20


Sorry, this isn't spectacular, but I didn't manage to do something bigger.
You know sooomehow I'm really fond of Rude/Tifa. But I can't ship it because I can't just turn my back on Rude/Reno. But the fact that Rude falls in love with women repeatedly although he's a Turk and so cool and brutal and stuff is just ... adorable.

Tuesday, July 15


You know, Cloud and the gang were dressed as sailors and infantrymen when they crossed the ocean. Tifa. In an infantry-outfit. And no one on board noticed?? I mean ... hrrrr. 8D

Sunday, July 13


I saw a HD screenshot of Reno yesterday and for the first time I noticed that he's got freckles? I was like "Omgggg! ♥ I gotta draw something about freckles" within 2 seconds. I bet Reno's not actually happy about them because he's always so keen to act cool ... and freckles aren't cool. Just incredibly cute.

Friday, July 11

This Anime is killing me.

I'm really freaking out since I watched the latest episode of Free! I'm so scared that Rei's gonna leave the team. He caaaaan't. He's one of my favourites and Rei/Nagisa is my #1 ship in this Anime, so ... noooo.

Tuesday, July 8

Butt Fantasy VII

Advent Children has some wonderful booties. I was a little bit drunk when I started this, ok. /D (And absolutely clear when I continued but psssst.) Plus some more Rude/Reno. I can't get enough of them. <3


Friday, July 4


I reeeally enjoy the ending of Free! S2. The first episode was great, it's so good to see Rin being ... nice and stuff. I didn't like him at all in S1 but now he seems alright.

Thursday, July 3


There was something about Rude and Reno doing some sweaty sparring in "On the way to a smile" and I was just like: Yooo, I'm in.

Monday, June 30


Hello. I have a Rude/Reno phase again. Headcanon to this picture: Reno's got some issues but he doesn't want to verbalise them and being held by Rude helps (and it's terrible for Rude because he's gotta deal with feeling Reno's rapid pulse without knowing what the problem is). The second pic is a birthday present for Sarah.

Wednesday, June 18

Colour palette meme 2

Two more pics I did for the meme. It's Sephiroth and Fem!Bucky. Here's a bigger version of Seph's lines, I kinda like it far more than the final pic.