Saturday, December 13

Through it all

Haven’t watched the last Hobbit movie yet but I heard … things. And now I’m really shocked and sad and I’m trying to cope. Therefore I draw fluff. (Prints are available, btw.) I'm so scared to watch it. Let's pretend the movie doesn't exist ... please? ;_;

Saturday, November 29


I wish they would release some kind of DLC for Journey that includes more levels. The beginning and the end have to stay the same though ... because it's perfect. In fact everything is perfect and that's why I wish there was just MORE.

Saturday, November 22

Wake me up when you're done studying.

I'm so sad. Like one hour ago I realized that Free! is over. I was actually sure that there would be a third season until a friend told me that it's extremely unlikely and ... ugghhh whyyy.

Sunday, November 16

How could you be the one if you sail away?

I've been listening to Woodkid's "The Golden Age" album the whole day. Since Ubisoft used Iron for the Revelations trailer everything that Woodkid does is AC soundtrack to me. XD Anyway. When I listened to Ghost Lights for the very first time I had to think of Malik instantly. I always loved the I idea of Altair choosing Maria over Malik and leaving him heartbroken. I know this sounds terrible. I'm a terrible person. "orz
But nice things appear even nicer when the context is sad, right? Small gestures receive a greater meaning. (And no one says Altair's choice has to be carved in stone.)

Train baby 2

Grey looks pretty young so I guess he's a train baby as well. I'd love to know where all of these scars come from and why he's such a good fighter. And I wonder if he can't talk or just don't want to talk. I wish there was more information about ... everyone.

Thursday, November 13

Train babies

I guess you can't call Edgar a train baby because he's not born on the train, actually. But he was a baby when he boarded and he knows nothing of the world, the train is all he knows. Anyway. The scenes he's got with Timmy in the beginning are so cute. ♥
I never watched a movie as often as I watched Snowpiercer within such a short period of time. I forced all my friends and my mother to watch it with me. 8D And I love it more and more, every single time. It's definetly one of my top 5 movies ever. If you haven't seen it yet, go for it! Seriously!!

Monday, November 10


Not a fan of the RE-movies but I saw this Instagram photo that Milla Jovovich uploaded some months ago and it's just hilarious. (And I think RE Retribution wasn't that awful, I even bought the Bluray because Leon and Barry and Ada. *_*)